Casino Term Glossary


Bankroll                                                Amount of money allocated for betting

Bet Max                                               The maximum wager you can place on a spin

Bonus                                                   Extra credit applied to a players account for free or as a reward



Cash out                                              Withdrawing money from your player account

Casino Bonus                                     A balance to play online casino, this is not real money balance. Used as an incentive for new players or as an additional bonus for depositing players.

Chips                                                     Tokens used in play, they represent money


Dealer                                                   The employee who deals cards on a casino table game

Deposit                                                Money paid into an online gaming account


Jackpot                                                 The top prize a game will pay-out


Line Bet                                                The amount you wager per line in a slot game

Lobby                                                    Page showing all games available to play on a site


Pay line                                                The line in which a winning combination of icons must land to win the corresponding to win the pay-out amount

Pay-out                                                The amount to be paid out after a winning combination

Paytable                                              A table that shows all the possible winning combinations in a slot game

Progressive Jackpot                        A jackpot that increases overtime


Reels                                                     The wheels that spin in a slot game


Scatter                                                  Pay wherever they fall in a spin, they do not need to land in a pay line

Sign up bonus                                    A welcome bonus specifically set for new players

Stake                                                     Total amount wagered to bet in a game

Spin                                                       The action taken to activate a slot game


VIP                                                         A high value player who gets special treatment and sometimes access exclusive high limit areas of a casino


Wager                                                   A bet made

Wagering requirement                  The amount of money or terms that need to be met before winnings or cash can be withdrawn from an online bingo/casino account

Wild                                                       An icon in a slot game that substitutes for other symbols